Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wishful Toiling

I have an addiction to toile and only one piece of it in my house! SHOCK! I have a boppy pillow with a toile cover that I just adore, but it isn't cutting it, friends.

Welcome to my post for the Toile Party, you can find the party over on the The Pretty Organized Palace.

So... I NEED new drapes for our living room, I NEED toile!!! I need affordable toile in neutral colors... I need a lot of fabric.
I went "window" shopping online and found a few to share... I like them either for their color combo or for their design... or when I get lucky, both!

I also need new bedding and if I could get the hubby to agree, I would absolutely be getting toile bedding! I used to have a pink and green toile duvet but that was when I was single and living on my own. DH (dear husband) wanted nothing to do with that. *sigh*

I found this on the target website.

Oh... and let's not forget kitchen toile. I would love to get a little mistreatment up on my window made out of this:
For now I dream...............

Monday, March 23, 2009

Promises... I promise not to make them empty...

I promise that I will blog more :)
I promise that I will have interesting posts :)
I promise that I will get all of my pictures cleaned up and "post worthy", and
I promise to try and do that with out a heavy hand :)
I promise to post all the great crafts I have been working on :)
I promise to try my hardest not to make empty promises :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Unfortunate Picture Announcement

Prior to this post I have been getting comfortable with photoshop elements/cs3. (I really still am, but feeling a little better about things) Because of this, some - well most - of the pictures are over edited and harsh etc. While I will be going back into my personal files to adjust this and make them album worth, I may not ever get to changing them here.
Please don't hate me for it!

Easter Banner Preview

I hope I am posting this correctly! I have digiscrapped an Easter banner. All that is left to do is print them out, cut them out, paste onto the cardstock I have here and string. I will be back to post the final product... here is the preview...
I have never done this before but I am going to try and post all of the pieces so that they can be saved and printed on your home printer.

The papers used in this project are from the kit "Apple of my Eye" by Jennifer Barrette.
Sorry I don't have the link to where I found this kit.
And the inspiration for this banner came from The Crafting Chicks where they posted a Birthday Banner and a Valentine's Day Banner.

I am going banner crazy!! Can't wait to try a Pennant Banner. I also saw a scrapped pennant banner but am having a hard time finding the link.

UPDATE: sorry everyone. I just realized that I saved the files as JPGs so they have the white background...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Making up for lost time

I have so much to say today because it has been so long since I have written anything! First and foremost, I have a TON of pictures that I am editing and hope to have up in the next few days... HOPE being the key word here. Please don't hate me if it takes a week :)

I've missed my dad's birthday post which should also have been shared with one of my bestest friends, Suzanne, I missed one of my other bestest's birthdays, Jess, and one other, Lisa. I also missed my brother's and my two sister's birthdays. Is this an excuse for hardly blogging at all in almost 1.5 -2 months?! Am I forgiven? I have been really busy!!!

Yesterday the Little Lady had her 6 month well baby visit. She is now up to 16.4 lbs and 26 inches!! WOW! She is about 65% for weight and 75% for height. I find all of this amusing because Alex was up around 50% either at 6 or 9 months and now, at 2, he is 25%!! LOL. Big babies, little toddlers? I guess only time will tell.

I also don't think I have ever posted here how much I LOOOOVE matching babies, but seriously, it is an obsession. There is not much I love more than siblings who "match". "Match" as in look identical, not dress identical, although that is pretty cute too. I swore all my life to never dress my kids alike but something happens when you have your second, your mind goes a little loopy!
So... because I want you all to see what I see, here are my matching babies!
Here they are both about 4.5 months old, give or take a week.

Alex in April of 2007

Ellie in January of 2009

So, how about you? Do you love matching babies as much as I do?

Happy Belated Valentine's Day

I totally missed the boat on this whole blog thing this past month or so... ooops :) Here we are on Valentine's day, all dressed up in our holiday colors!! It is too bad you can't see the Big Guy's shirt, it was cute!

In the spirit of love, here is something that I love. Her beautiful face!! Look at her fabulous eyes and soft features - aahhhhh *swoon*.

Here she is, loving being a little sister just about as much as I love her silly little grin. Seriously, there isn't much better than your babies smiling at you.

**disclaimer** I am sooooo sorry that the color on these pictures are off.... ooops

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Cracker on a Train

My boy loves trains...

...and crackers...

...and crackers on trains.

They are the stars of his show, the highlight of his day.

And he is mine.